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Samantha Gruber

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
My name is Samantha.
I am......
A Fan of Undertale, Cuphead, Pokemon, Harry Potter and others...
I can voice act certain characters.
I cosplay as Riversong from Dr. Who,
Sans and Riverperson from Undertale.
Arrietty is joining the human world too.

Favorite studio ghibli movie- The Secret World of Arrietty.

Call me Sams. ;) since im a girl its my name when I do sans. Lol.

2018 is my 3rd year at ZENKAIKON.
I was picked as sans to be a contestant on the cosplay dating game in 2017.

Don't be shy if you see me, come say hi! :-)

Also if you take a picture please put it on the zenkaikon facebook community page/profile so i can see it!
Friday, April 28

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Saturday, April 29

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Sunday, April 30

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